Beginning Belly Dance Syllabus

Class will break down as many of these moves as time allows and include them in choreography to the song, Turbo Tabla 3 (from Bellydance Superstars Vol. II CD)

  • Hip Lifts / Drops
  • Hip circles: Skeletal and Muscular
  • Omi’s (muscular inner hip circle)
  • Chest Lifts / Drops / Circles / Slides
  • Hips Figure 8 Forward / Backward / with shimmy
  • Mayas (hips) pushing side outward circle R & L and pulling in
  • Pelvic lifts and drops combined with chest lifts, drops, pops / locks
  • Shimmies:  Knee / Hip / One-leg / Both Legs same time
  • Belly: Flutter / Roll / Pops
  • Arms: Snake arms / Hand and arm transitions / Shoulder Shimmy
  • Undulations / Body Waves / Roll Down & Up / Camel Walk
  • Head Slides

ADVANCED / EXTRA CREDIT (if we have time I will demonstrate):

  • Lotus hands (hands rotating around joined at wrists)
  • Chest Figure 8's alternating with Hip Figure 8's
  • ¾ Shimmy with Walk – emphasis Down or Up
  • Traveling steps: Choo Choo / Walk with Shimmy or Maya
  • Back Bends / Turkish Drops / Floorwork (sit and spin, knee crawl)

*Remember you can always add layers onto these movements by adding a shimmy on top – all depends on what you’re comfortable with. 
Example: Add shimmies onto Mayas or a shoulder shimmy in addition to a chest circle.

Please explore my website for links to dancers, shopping resources for costuming, music and learning about middle eastern dance, as well as a collection of links for many resources online.

Possible workshop ideas for future:

-Beginning Veil Work, -Beginning Zills (Finger Cymbals), -Mastering all the Types of Shimmies, -Comparing Styles: (ATS, Fusion, Cabaret, Egyptian, Turkish, Gypsy), -Drilltime & Shimmy Till You Drop (fitness), -BellyHop (hip hop bellydance fusion)

Rock on Shimmy Goddesses!

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