Shopping for belly dance
costuming and accessories

Artistic Belly dance Greeting Cards Colorful Belly Dance Greeting Cards for sale - click here for more information

Bellydance Superstars - I love the Tribal Fusion Fundamentals DVD but there are so many to explore here

Bellydance for Birth - "The DVD, Dance of the Womb is an inspiring, informative and gentle journey into belly dancing for birth and beyond which can be enjoyed by pregnant women, Midwives, Doulas and Childbirth educators alike."

Costume design, altering, construction
Gail Wolfenden-Steib, another great Arizona belly dancer, is also a very skilled costume resource in the valley. Every dancer knows the joy of having to get a costume to fit exactly right, and sometimes it's great to have help! E-mail her with "belly dance costume" in the subject line to inquire about her services.

Belly Dance Costuming (General)



The Art of Belly Dancing by Samia (locally in AZ - email her for great belly dance buys) has a great selection and very reasonable prices

Belly Dance Shoppe - I love their special belly dance unitards. Lots of new items to choose from as well as hard-to-find belly dance music! (I'm promoting them because of their great customer service, products, reliability and fast shipping.)

SharifWEAR - One of my new favorite websites! Diva and dancewear from full costumes to sassy practice outfits.

The Belly Dance Shop - Authentic Turkish imports - beautiful costumes that are affordable and more extravagent as well as other dance supplies and accessories

Dahlal Internationale - Exquisite high-quality costuming from Egypt and Turkey. Also sell music, scarves, videos and accessories

L. Rose Designs - makes a variety of clothing based on what you specify you want. Beautiful and affordable belly dance and latin dance clothing!

The Turkish Emporium - Very affordable cabaret costumes - based in Turkey

Unicorn Belly Dance Supplies - Lots of supplies and accessories

Craft India - inexpensive lovely items (I have never bought from them before - if you have, please email me and let me know if you were satisfied with the quality and service)

Moondance - Affordable belly dance costuming and supplies

Zara's Emporium - Has some absolutely gorgeous cabaret costumes as well as belts, bras and accessories. This site also has tribal goodies.

Neckelmann's - Beaded cabaret costumes - very affordable (beaded, looped, glass beads, pearl beads and coin sets)

Topkapi Designs - Beautiful cabaret costumes in all price ranges

Belly Dance Costuming

Tribal Bazaar - I came across this site randomly when searching for belts and hit the jackpot. Beautiful pieces from India and Pakistan as well as Veils, Scarves Skirts, Hip Scarves, Jewelry and more.

Anaya Tribal - Troupe in AZ with affordable tribal wear costumes and accessories.

DOMBA - THE best one-stop Tribal belly dance place in AZ. Located in Tempe, AZ
I love the costumes Jazille makes (you can see me in mine on the gallery page). They also sell drums, jewelry, scarves, veils, etc... You can order online, but go in person if you're local to check out what classes and events they have going on too.

Fat Chance Belly Dance (tribal troupe) sells patterns, costuming, jewelry, etc...

Ashner by Elizabeth - Colorado's own Elizabeth has some great casual tribal designs: fancy pants, halter tops, hip huggers (long and short) and wrap tops.

Scarlet's Lounge - Beautiful tribal costumes, pieces, bra/belts and accessories


You can find them at other most of the links above, and also at

Luxotica has a great selection of fire poi, fire toys, props and fire dancing equipment

MELODIA ~ LOVE these artsy pants, tops for dancing, yoga, etc.

Discount Dance Supply is more for ballet and jazz dancing, but I've bought unitards and dance shoes from them for belly dance purposes.

Capezio Dancewear Shop - I really love dancing in the lyrical skirt I got from them

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