Belly Dance - All Levels Taught by Nielle ~ Come Explore Your Inner Goddess!

Belly dance is an empowering dance form, a fun, feminine way to get exercise and a sisterhood community unlike any other. By learning to isolate all your muscles including some new ones you've never used, you'll find your dancing and your body filled with an ability to express the goddess within like never before.

Classes focus on technique, strength and flexibility while still having fun - and each class also highlights an inspiring thought for the day and a helpful handout for the student. I try to educate about all styles of belly dance (tribal, cabaret, fusion, ethnic, etc.) though my own personal style tends to be a fusion of all styles. If you are an experienced dancer, I will make the class more challenging for you adding shimmy layers, zill (finger cymbal) rhythms and veil movements.

I teach out of my home or will come to you.  Private lessons, small classes or workshops.

Please email me if you are interested!

Class will break down as many of these moves as time allows. We focus on proper technique while taking time to freestyle, lead and follow and remember to have fun.

  • Hip Lifts / Drops
  • Hip circles: Skeletal and Muscular
  • Omi’s (muscular inner hip circle)
  • Chest Lifts / Drops / Circles / Slides
  • Hips Figure 8 Forward / Backward / with shimmy
  • Mayas (hips) pushing side outward circle R & L and pulling in
  • Pelvic lifts and drops combined with chest lifts, drops, pops / locks
  • Shimmies:  Knee / Hip / One-leg / Both Legs same time
  • Belly: Flutter / Roll / Pops
  • Arms: Snake arms / Hand and arm transitions / Shoulder Shimmy
  • Undulations / Body Waves / Roll Down & Up / Camel Walk
  • Head Slides

ADVANCED (as we have time):

  • Lotus hands (hands rotating around joined at wrists)
  • Chest Figure 8's alternating with Hip Figure 8's
  • ¾ Shimmy with Walk – emphasis Down or Up
  • Traveling steps: Choo Choo / Walk with Shimmy or Maya
  • Back Bends / Turkish Drops / Floorwork (sit and spin, knee crawl)

*Remember you can always add layers onto these movements by adding a shimmy on top – all depends on what you’re comfortable with. 
Example: Add shimmies onto Mayas or a shoulder shimmy in addition to a chest circle.

Possible workshop ideas for future:

-Beginning Veil Work, -Beginning Zills (Finger Cymbals), -Mastering all the Types of Shimmies, -Comparing Styles: (ATS, Fusion, Cabaret, Egyptian, Turkish, Gypsy), -Drilltime & Shimmy Till You Drop (fitness), -BellyHop (hip hop bellydance fusion)

Performing at a Hafla in 2010:

PAST Choreography (song: Turbo Tabla 4, BDSS IV) *Click Here to download choreography (Word Doc)

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